If you're concerned about potential damage to your furniture while moving, you could reduce this risk considerably by taking the time to get furniture prepared. Even heavy, wooden furniture can be moved safely if you know how to get it ready and what to avoid during the move.

The following six tips can all help get everything safely to your new home without any damages.

Tape Shut Any Drawers

When moving dressers, media cabinets, and other pieces of furniture with drawers, you'll be able to move them much more safely by simply taping them shut. Using packing tape to secure the drawers can ensure that no damage is done to the furniture and keeps everything safe for the upcoming move.

Disassemble What Pieces You Can

The easiest way to move heavy pieces of furniture is to look into what can be disassembled. This includes removing shelves from bookcases, taking out drawers completely from dressers, and removing cushions from sofas. By disassembling what you can, it will be easier to move heavy furniture and help you avoid putting more strain on your body during the move.

Avoid Cramming Furniture into a Compact Space

While it can be tempting to rent a smaller sized moving truck, it's important that you stick with a size that works for your belongings. Sticking furniture into a moving truck without enough space can result in your furniture becoming damaged during the drive to your new home.

Use Sandwich Bags for Keeping Small Parts Safe

If you choose to disassemble any furniture before the move, you'll need to take advantage of proper labeling. This means using sandwich bags to keep nuts and screws together so that everything can be put back together with ease.

Place Towels Under Heavy Furniture to Protect Your Floors

Bare floors such as tile and hardwood make it easy to slide heavy furniture across, but you'll want to use a towel underneath the furniture to prevent any potential damage. With the addition of a towel under the furniture, you'll also get the added benefit of protecting the floors at the same time.

Buy or Rent Useful Moving Equipment

Some pieces of moving equipment such as a dolly or back brace can be so helpful when you're handling heavy pieces of furniture. Consider how often you move to determine if renting or buying the equipment is best for your needs.

Preparing for an upcoming move means considering the amount of furniture you'll be bringing along and what kinds of things you'll need for a safe move. By making plans with your furniture in mind, no damage will be done and everything can arrive safely. Talk to professionals like M Dyer & Sons Inc for assistance.