If you are moving to a new apartment building that has on site laundry facilities, you might have considered freeing up some space by putting the washing machine into self storage. Before you do so, keep in mind that there are some necessary steps to take in order to get the appliance ready for storage.

Clean Out The Washer

It's a good idea to wash the machine before you put it away. You can do it by running an empty load using only bleach and hot water. It will help get rid of any laundry detergent that is still inside the drum or the drain lines. The machine should dry for about a day with the lid open afterward. Point a fan into the drum to speed up the process.

Disconnect Utility Lines

Start by turning off the hot and cold water lines going into your washing machine. You will need pliers for disconnecting each water supply hose. Use a bucket to catch any water that leaks out of the hose. The drain hose will also need to be disconnected, which is as simple as removing the clamp and pulling the hose out.

Protect The Tub

There is a chance that the tub can bounce around a lot while you are moving it to and from the storage unit. Your washing machine came with bolts that prevented the tub from moving, but chances are that you no longer have them. In that case, it is best if you do some prep work to protect the tub as much as possible.

Tilt the washer on the side to access the screws along the bottom that hold the side panel in place. Then remove the side panel from your washing machine. This will give you access to inside.

You can stop the tub from moving around in transit by packing the empty space surrounding it with old blankets or towels. Replace the panels on the side, and tighten any screws that were removed earlier.

Protect The Door

There is a chance that the door can open accidentally while moving the appliance, which can cause it to break unexpectedly. You can protect the door by applying fiberglass tape on it to act as a temporary latch.

Move The Washer Safely

Washing machines do not need to be moved in an upright position like a refrigerator does. Just make sure it is wrapped in blankets to protect the finish.

Now your washing machine will be ready to go into self storage.