If you're getting ready to put some leather furniture or clothing items in a storage facility for a while, you want to make sure that you prep your possessions before you lock them away. Here's what you should do when it comes to leather items.

Rent A Climate Controlled Facility

Yes, it's cheaper to rent a storage unit that's not climate controlled. However, temperature extremes and humidity are lethal to leather. Since leather's porous, mold and mildew can sink into the material and ruin it if you don't take steps to keep the moisture away. If you want your leather furniture and your favorite jacket or pocketbook to survive their time in storage, pay for a climate controlled unit.

Clean All Leather Carefully Before Storage

Have your leather furniture, coats, clothing, and accessories professionally cleaned before you put them into storage. A professional cleaning ensures that all the dirt, dust, and body oils are removed from the material, which gives mold and mildew less ability to feed and grow. Purchase a leather protector. There are several spray products designed to waterproof and stain-proof suede and leather products. Follow the directions and apply it right after the leather is cleaned. 

Prep The Storage Unit And Individual Pieces

Most leather accessories come in boxes or have dust bags designed to protect them against damage. Make sure that you store any leather boots or shoes in their boxes and put pocketbooks in their dust bags. Do not leave leather coats and clothing in the bags provided by the dry cleaner - purchase lightweight cloth garment bags for each individual piece. Again, moisture is the enemy of leather, so you don't want your leather coats in plastic bags that won't breathe and that trap moisture inside. Keep your items separate, because if mold does start growing in one piece, you don't want it to spread to the rest of your items.

You do want to purchase a heavy plastic sheet or two to spread over the floor of the storage unit, just in case any ground moisture rises up through the floor of the unit or there's a water leak somewhere that gets under the door of your unit. If you want to be particularly cautious, purchase wood pallets or boards to sit your leather furniture on so that it's a few inches off the ground.

Consider Installing A Dehumidifier

If your leather is going to be in storage during a particularly humid part of the year or you live where the weather is just generally damp, see if the storage facility will let you install a dehumidifier in your unit for the time being. Anything you can do to make sure that you reduce the moisture in the air will help preserve your leather items until it's time to get them back out of storage.

With these tips in mind, your leather items can be preserved while in storage. If you're looking for a self storage facility in your area, visit Colfax West Self Storage.