If closet space is tight in your home and you love decorating for the holidays, you can rent a small storage unit to hold all of your festive items, such as Christmas trees, ornaments, Easter baskets and patriotic Fourth of July yard decor. Choose a unit that is close to your house so that you can quickly and easily access the celebratory pieces as you need them.

Prepare the Items for Storage

When you're done using an item for the season, take the time to clean it so that it's ready to go when you need it next year. For instance, dust off delicate pieces such as Christmas tree ornaments and lights, and wrap them in paper or plastic for protection.

If you're storing any food-related items, such as cake pans, cookie jars, serving trays or holiday-themed mugs, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned in warm, soapy water first. Any traces of food or drink could attract pests, including rats, mice and cockroaches, to your storage unit.

Wash, dry and iron, if needed, any fabric items, such as holiday quilts, pillow covers or clothing before folding them for storage.

Package the Items for Storage

Next, place the holiday pieces in appropriate containers. You can group small items, such as ornament hooks, festive ribbons and bows, gift-wrapping tools and candles in shoe boxes together for convenience. When you go to retrieve your items next season, you'll be able to find the little items quickly.

Also, consider storing important items, such as family heirlooms and expensive antiques in sturdy, plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes, to protect them from water damage. You can also invest in a fireproof safe for extra protection.

When packing the items into the storage containers, place items that you won't need until later in the season on the bottom, and the items you'll use right away at the top for convenience.

Label the Storage Containers

Once the containers are all packed and ready for storage, don't forget to label them to save frustration later. Use a permanent marker to write the contents, such as "Easter decor" or "Christmas baking items" on all sides of the containers so you can easily see it.

If you anticipate needing certain items such as yard decorations early in the season, place an"open first" label on the box. You can also label the containers according to which rooms the contents will be used in.

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