Getting the best storage facilities when moving can prove to be tricky for someone who has no experience in doing this. As such, it is always best to be prepared. When moving, chances are you will come across items you do not use frequently, but you may not be ready to get rid of them. If you do not want to give them away or have no time to hold a garage sale, then a self storage facility would be your best bet. The following tips should enable anyone to select units in a self storage facility that will be beneficial during your relocation.

Determine what material would suit you best

The first thing that you would have to do is decide what material that you would want the units to be made out of. Several materials are used in the manufacture of these units. These include aluminum, wire and even wood. If you are looking for self-storage units that will last a long time, you would be best advised to purchase the ones that are made from metal. For average duty industrial lockers, you can consider those made from heavy plastic or from wood.

Establish the level of security

The next thing that should guide you in selecting these units is to find some that are lockable. If you are looking to purchase units that will be used to secure items, then you should not purchase those that come with a latch. Instead, opt for units that can be used in tandem with a padlock. This gives you full control when it comes to ensuring how secure your items are. Some of these facilities will not provide insurance for your goods so it would be in your best interests to take measures to cater to their safety.

Consider the ventilation

The third tip that you could keep in mind when looking to select the right units would be to ensure that they are well ventilated. The entire unit does not have to be ventilated though. As long as there are several slats that will allow air to circulate then you are on the right track. This will ensure that the items you are storing will not be subject to moldy conditions. Additionally, good ventilation minimizes the chances of your items developing a musty smell over time.

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