If you're facing a permanent move, the prospect of loading up all of your belongings into a truck can seem daunting. Many people have more possessions than they know how to transport, so downsizing can become an important task. Unfortunately, emotional connections and indecisiveness can short circuit that process and leave you struggling to pare down your belongings.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for helping you eliminate waste during a move. Following these suggestions should help you save space in the truck and decrease some of the stress that comes with unloading, allowing you to enjoy a much smoother process that will help you stay excited about your new home.

Start In the Bathroom

As mentioned above, many people struggle to relieve themselves of clutter because they develop emotional connections to certain objects. While this is understandable, it can also become a serious hinderance. Therefore, it's important to build up your momentum and get yourself in the right mindset to continue divesting yourself of waste.

One good way to start the ball rolling down the hill is to begin your clean out in your bathroom. Most people are far less likely to have an emotional connection to half used toiletries and old towels, and once you've started to make cutbacks there, it will be much easier to maintain your enthusiasm for the process.

Make Use Of Your Camera

It's probably unlikely that you'll ever again wear a t-shirt from a fraternity barbecue that occurred over a decade ago, but the memories that accompany that shirt may still be fresh and valuable. Luckily, there are easy ways to hang on to those memories without having to cling to the cloth.

Modern technology has graced a huge amount of people with the ability to carry a high quality camera in their pocket at all times. Making use of that camera and taking pictures of items with memories attached can allow you to relive those memories without having to struggle with physically packing them up.

Be Realistic About Storage

Many people have storage areas in their homes that are filled with boxes that were never unpacked from the previous move. If you've moved an item more than once and never taken it out of the box, odds are good that you won't miss it or need it in your daily life. Being willing to sacrifice those items can allow you to let go of a lot of clutter and maximize your storage space efficiency, guaranteeing that your new home remains comfortable and clean.

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