Moving can be one of the biggest jobs any individual could face, but it is also a time in your life that you will produce a lot more trash than what you normally do. Between tape, boxes, and other packing supplies that you use to keep your valuable protected, you could easily have a truckload of trash by the time you finish unpacking. If you would like to make your move more earth-friendly, the key is to cut out all of the waste that you can. If you get a little creative, you can easily eliminate a lot of the packaging materials from the equation.  

Get Innovative with Protective Packaging 

A good portion of the waste you collect when you move is the protective wrapping and box filling material that you use to protect your breakables, like newspapers, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Instead of using this material that often gets tossed in the trash, use your own belongings to wrap your valuables. In the kitchen, use dish towels, dish cloths, and even pot holders to wrap your plates.

If you have paper plates around, stick one in between each plate to prevent them from clanking together, and they can be used later on. Use clean laundry to protect your glass decor and towels or sheets to wrap pictures and large mirrors.  Pack your boxes tightly to prevent movement by placing small items in with larger ones and using every last inch of space in a container that you have available. 

Make Use of Plastic Storage Bins and Other Containers You Already Have

Even if it means you have to make a few more trips, using plastic storage bins for the move instead of other boxes and containers is a much more green idea. Plus, plastic storage bins are much more durable and will take a hit while still protecting your belongings inside. You can also reduce a lot of waste by using things you already have in your home for packing. For example, you can fill your kitchen containers with small items, such as utensils or spice containers, or you could leave dresser drawers full and wrap them in reusable plastic wrap for the move to your home or a place like Security Self Storage

When you take some time to pay attention to how you pack and what you use for packing, you can easily cut the amount of waste you have at the end of your move. Even when you move staying green is a possibility if you get creative.