Even a perfectly executed move within your own state can be a long and grueling ordeal, but what about when things go wrong? Miscommunication, poor planning or plain old bad luck can all quickly turn into moving emergencies, resulting in lost or damaged property and frustrating delays. Rather than risk your belongings or deal with needless headaches, follow these four tips to ward off disaster during a local move. 

Separating Your Essentials

As you pack up your items and furniture, set aside all of the items that you might pack for a short vacation, such as hairbrushes, toothpaste and a few changes of clothes. Not only will these be easier to find at your new house if they aren't hidden away in a box, but they may also prove handy if your goods are lost, stolen or damaged. Keep your bag or box of essentials with you as you move to ensure that they arrive at your destination safely. 

Creating a Folder for Important Information

Similarly, you should keep a folder full of relevant paperwork on hand at all times in case you run into an error in communications during your move. This might include the paperwork for your rental or the deed to your home or the contract for your moving company or van. With this folder, you will not need to go rummaging through boxes to prove that you have rented a truck beforehand or are contractually free to begin moving in to your new residence. 

Following a Checklist

Besides packing up and transporting your furniture, you will probably have other items on your moving to-do list, such as notifying your utility services, changing your address, updating your driver's license and every other little detail that comes with changing your address. Before you even begin to pack, write up a checklist of everything that needs to get done and then update it regularly. This simple precaution should keep you from lying awake at night wondering what you have forgotten. 

Hiring a Reliable Local Moving Company

Of course, the quickest way to improve your odds of success is to place your belongings into the hands of an experienced local moving company. Not only will local movers have the equipment and experience you need to pack, transport, and unpack goods quickly, but they also tend to be more reliable than volunteer friends and family members. Contact a moving and storage company near you to receive an estimate for your household and increase the chances that your next move will go smoothly. 

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